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Self Service
Companies with Small team
  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Reporting
  • Access to marketplace
  • Easy payment
  • Content calendar
  • USD 999 monthly
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Managed Service
Companies with large team
  • All in self service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Vendor management
  • Recruitment
  • Training and Workshops
  • USD 2999 monthly
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Special Service
Once in a time service
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Audit
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Brand Audit
  • Competitive story telling
  • And More
  • Need More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

Who can sign up?

Brands, freelancers, influencers and any marketing enthusiasts can sign up. In order to sign up on the platform you must complete some basic profile information and complete the registration process. We give 7 days of free trial period. Our dedicated onboarding specialist will guide you with Marketing Ecosystem platform.

Why does Marketing Ecosystem require an annual commitment?

We request brands to connect with us longer to get better results. This is to help them become successful. We also understand that it takes time for the talent to understand your content goals, brand voice and we want to ensure that you get the most of your marketing efforts.

What do Creators work on?

Creators are freelancers that work on a variety of jobs types, ranging from blog writing to website content, PR to graphics.

What do Influencers do?

Influencers have more than 3000 followers on social media like Facebook, Instagram, blogposts and have greater reach which they use to promote brands.

How do they get paid?

The cost of hiring freelancers or influencers varies by content type and is unique to their industry.

What does it cost?

We offer custom packages to meet needs of the clients.

Are there additional fees?

All freelancer payments made through the platform are subject to a service fee and GST related to paying freelancers

Do you have freelance talent in my industry?

We have over 5000+ curated talent from various industries. All are vetted to meet quality standards so the talent you receive will have a solid track record of preparing various kind of content. If you need subject matter expert in niche category we offer customized recruiting.

Can I manage my in-house content and team with Marketing Ecosystem?

The Marketing Ecosystem platform allows you to work collaboratively with internal and external teams. You can onboard external writers and pay them using our platform.

What is customer service email id for any questions?

Email us at monika@Allkonnect.com and we're happy to help you with any queries.

I want to join as member? What benefits do I get?

We send latest updates, organize events and provide training to our members.

I am an agency? How can Marketing Ecosystem platform help?

Marketing Ecosystem has partnership programs with agencies. Our agencies get ROI on their investment. They can become our partner and use Marketing Ecosystem platform to serve needs of clients.

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