What is Allkonnect?

Allkonnect is a Cloud based platform for marketers to easily collaborate and manage their projects. Allkonnect is on a mission to make marketing easier. We aim to build a connected ecosystem for marketing services which will create value for brands, content creators, influencer and marketers in large.

Where is Allkonnect based?

Our main office is based in Gurgaon. We serve clients from all over the world including US, UK and several parts of India.

How does your platform works?

Our platform is a marketplace where brands post the brief on the website and influencers/content creators/marketers submit their interest and bid on the project. Brands select talent based on the requirements.

What is your focus area?

Allkonnect aims to build a connected ecosystem of marketing services. The details are given here

What is the amount you charge ?

The basic subscription fee to the platform is given here – the client pays the subscription they provides us the brief/ requirement and depending on the budget and the requirement they get the best talent.

How much money the influencers/bloggers charge?

Influencers charge according to their profile and the number of followers they have.

How many projects have you done?

We have done multiple projects in India and abroad too.

How much time do you take to accomplish one project?

It varies form case to case, if the project is big the time span also increases and vice versa.

Can we do a meeting in person?

We can schedule online meeting. Please drop us email at with the most suitable time slots.


Are there formal requirements to become a member of Allkonnect?

There are no formal requirements to join our platform. Agency, freelancers, Influencers and even college graduates can sign up

Does it cost me anything to apply for a job?

No, you do not pay anything to apply for an opportunity on our platform.

Where are brands based?

Our customers are based all over the world

How long will it take for me to get matched with a work opportunity?

Our team is always signing up new companies and working to match you with an exciting opportunity.

What does it mean to bid?

Our platform is an online marketplace allowing you to bid on opportunities which means you can negotiate the pay indicated in the job listing.

How many brands have collaborated with Allkonnect?

We receive request on daily basis. We post the briefs on website as we get them. The influencers registered on our website receive the notification.

On what project Allkonnect is currently working?

We have multiple projects running parallelly, you can expect a great deal.

How likely I am to get this opportunity?

Brands select talent based on the requirements

Got Questions

You will hear from us within 24 hours. Send email at