Content marketing is considered to be the poster boy of modern marketing. Famous Seth Godin said that "Content marketing is the only marketing that is left". Content marketing has been among us for quite a while now. Facebook and Google advertisements, other social media marketing, email marketing have evolved over time. Now, every form of business can benefit from them. Even businesses like real estate, which people think isn’t really content marketing’s area are getting benefitted by it.

Here are a few ways in which real estate agencies and agents can take content marketing’s help in getting more customers:

  • 1. Choosing the right content

    The content we share with the masses is the gateway to the product we want to share. Choosing the best medium affects the reachability and to a large extent, the way customer perceives our product. For the real estate, verbal content combined with graphics at appropriate places provides the highest clarity to the customer. It has been found in various researches that visuals have a much more lasting effect on human mind than plain text. With content marketing, you can scale up the game by adding statistics infographics. Not only does this make the data more appealing, it also helps in reaching out to more audience.

  • 2.Choosing the right place to market

    There is no golden key to all the issues. Similar is the case with promoting content on social media. There are dedicated areas for niche industries like real estate. Facebook might not be the best place to market your home every time. Knowing the target audience is the first step in choosing the place to market. This helps in narrowing down the efforts to the area which will have the maximum effect and saves time and money. So far, having a dedicated website with the presence on related social media websites, is the best way to promote oneself.

  • 3.Build an emotional connection

    The reason why customers always buy a ‘home’ instead of a ‘house’ is enough for you to build an emotional aura around your product. Giving away reasons as to how people can make the house you made their dream home goes a long way. Developing a testimonial video with the help of existing satisfied customers is one such example.

  • 4.Market your USP well

    Considering the fact that real estate is among the booming industries in India, the competition is fierce. USP – Unique Selling Point, helps one differentiate itself from the rest. More importantly, making the USP known to all is the fundamental rule of marketing. Flash your better connectivity and modern facilities with an emotional connection and you have got yourself perfect strategy to lure customers.