Businesses need to invest in content marketing as more and more people reaching out to digital web and social media. Healthcare sector is among the ones who have shied away from this opportunity till now. Indian scenario presents a very strong case for every sector to make its online presence felt. Home to over a billion people, India is strongly moving towards strengthening its IT infrastructure. This will result in increased number of users on social media via mobile phones. All these facts indicate that healthcare sector should imbibe content marketing in addition to conventional marketing techniques.

1. Concerned customer

In India, healthcare services aren’t backed up by insurance. Majority of the people prefer direct payments. Because of this, there is much greater concern regarding the medical services being availed, as compared to the developed countries. Customers are always looking for best value for money. This is where content marketing can help both the parties. Through content marketing, the hospitals can present their specialties and success stories to the patients. It will promote transparency within the whole system.

2. Growth of healthcare industry

India is a developing country, and healthcare is among the high growth sectors here. Healthcare sector at present is valued at Rs. 6.67 trillion and is expected to rise to Rs. 18.67 trillion by 2020. Medical tourism is at an all-time high. Best way to capitalize on this growth is to stand out from the crowd. Content marketing can help hospitals carve out the niche for themselves and this helps them in the long run.

3. Increase in healthcare apps

People now, are more than confident than ever to use medical apps to address their issues. Apps like Lybrate are charting out success stories. The credit for this goes out to the people, who now, are not hesitant in taking the technological route to address their ailments.

4. Impact of content marketing

Following facts narrate the golden tale for using content marketing:

Youngsters (Age 18-24) are twice more likely to discuss health issues online.

Around 20% owners of the smartphone have at least one health app installed on their phones.

More than 30% of medical professionals use social media for professional networking.

All the aforementioned facts point towards the rise of social media. And without much hesitation, healthcare sector in India should embrace content marketing to make the full use of this.