Marketing Strategy is the backbone of every successful campaign. If done right, the results can be everlasting. Additionally, the strategy can become the starting point of other campaigns which seek out the best of strategies and mould them according to the current needs. One can keep the following points in mind while preparing a content marketing strategy:

1. Assessing your audience

Having a right start paves the way for awesomeness. Assessing the target audience before starting with the planning gives you a concrete platform for the activities that are to be planned. Additionally, the strategy can be modified as per the needs of the audience, if it is being derived from an existing successful strategy. A few factors should be considered while performing the analysis – the demographic breakup, language preferences, and the mode of content preferred are the major ones.

2. What to produce?

After the audience’s needs are known, one should focus on how to deliver it. Nowadays, a lot of options are available – listicles, blogs, how-to-videos, infographics, etc. It all depends on what purpose you want to serve. For example, if you’re creating content for the food industry, the content would be heavy on graphics and videos. Similarly, infographics work best for imparting information or research findings. One can gauge the need of the audience and then accordingly choose a platform to produce the best results.

3. Frequency of content

Having known what the customer wants, next step is to determine the frequency of the content being curated. Frequency also depends on the content chosen. A Blog post marathon doesn’t have a video counterpart. Even if you chose to post videos, to maintain the quality, you need to restrict the quantity. Only then you can have a series of good quality videos. Whichever means you decide, you need to carefully choose the frequency and quantity of the content to avoid over and under-creation of the content. Users appreciate the content only till it answers their queries and solves their issues. Consistency is also one of the major factors which can increase the popularity of your content among the target customers.

4. Sticking to creativity

As has been repeatedly mentioned in our articles, originality is the key to having a viral content. Curating new and creative content is the single most important factor which can help market your content over others. You can carve out your niche and even set industry standards. Brainstorming new ideas will help you gain an edge over competitors, who might stick to their successful formulas and play safe. Although playing safe works too, but in the long run it will lose out its steam.

5. Analysing the growth

To have a completely revamped effective strategy for content marketing, it is very important to analyse the aftermath of the content. Analysing helps you to find loopholes and glitches in the campaign and helps you refine the positives as well. The result of analysis can be used in designing more campaigns. The analysis also helps you see trends out from the success or failure of your strategies. Tools like Google Analytics and Hubspot console are capable in handling any type of content and provide valuable insights as well. A thorough analysis combined with original content is the ultimate winning recipe.