Life as a freelancer has several benefits: flexible time schedules to work, working from any location, a great scope to capitalize on networking opportunities, so on and so forth. Professionals who start their careers with online freelance jobs often think to venture into entrepreneurship. However, the growth process is not as easy as you might expect. Competition in the industry remains a challenge to address for an individual. You need to grow your contacts, capitalize on your reputation and expand your footprint in the industry.

Most of the professionals seek freelancer jobs online through various portals. However, they need to remain consistent with the quality of services they deliver. Presently, many freelancers work in the digital marketing industry. They include graphic designers, content developers, website designers, and other such professionals.

As a freelancer, you would like to make the most of the opportunities that come down your way. Here, you will come across ten steps, that will help you grow as a professional freelancer.

1. Know the Strong and Weak Zones

At the outset, you need to do a bit of self-assessment. Identify your strengths and weak zones. Take time to know the areas concerning you. You might evaluate the projects you worked on in the previous year and try to understand the reasons in case of failure.

In case, you are looking for digital marketing freelance jobs in India, you need to upskill yourself from time to time. When you know your highs and lows, you can address the weaker aspects carefully. Focus on what you have not been able to achieve, rather than simply capitalizing on your strengths.

It is important to get rid of things that are presently holding you back. This might be an adverse relationship with your clients, poor internal processes, and so on. When you have identified your weak areas, make sure that the same reasons do not lead to failure in the future. You might collaborate with several companies looking for digital marketing freelancers. When you have more options to work with, you can find a compatible associate.

2. Reviewing Your Rates

Your reputation as a freelancer largely depends on the ratings and reviews from your clients. A freelancer working in the digital marketing industry can tap the opportunities to the fullest when the portfolio looks decent. Considering the quality issue, clients are not likely to approach a professional with no ratings or reviews. Again, if your ratings do not look impressive enough, you will fail to attract clients from the industry.

Make the clients appreciate the value you deliver through your hard work. What you bring to the customer should be refined in terms of quality. When you win a good reputation, it will serve as a marketing tool for your profile. Business houses are more confident in working with established professionals, than newbies. Most firms, lookout for online marketing freelancers with a decent track record in the industry. Therefore, you must maintain a good rapport with your clients, and focus on the quality of work, rather than how much you deliver.

You might work on the pricing issue as well. In case you find that the hourly rates are not working well for you, think of an alternative, such as a project-based charge. Check out the payment structures of your competitors. When you live up to the standards of the industry, you can charge a reasonable premium price for your services. At the same time, positive feedback through ratings and reviews will fetch you more business.

3. Upskill Yourself

When you become a part of the industry, you evolve as a professional. Particularly, when you try to find new digital marketing freelance jobs, the process becomes easy if you are a skilled professional. Capitalize on the experiences you are acquiring, and make sure that you keep yourself tuned to the industry. Work on your core skills and explore what others are doing.

Networking is a good solution that might work in your favor. Communicate with other freelancers over professional networks like LinkedIn, so that you can keep yourself abreast with the latest developments in your domain.

When you club your professional experience with the on-job skills, you can capitalize on the opportunities. Besides, keep yourself open to knowledge-acquisition, so that you can mature as a professional.

From time to time, you need to get your skills tested, as many firms vouch for digital marketing executives with fresh skill sets. Firms might hire a blogger with knowledge on the latest Google algorithms. In these cases, working on your professional skills pays out well.

4. Enhance Your Offering

One of the secrets to success as a freelancer is to diversify your profile. As you acquire fresh sets of skills, try to channelize them in new projects. However, this does not indicate that you need to keep on acquiring new skills. It simply means that you need to work around with people in the industry.

For instance, if you are a copywriter, you might collaborate with a designer. In the process, you can deliver a complete package to the customers. In case you are an SEO strategist, try to collaborate with a web designer. The industry will recognize the services you are offering. With a greater range of services, you can find more clients and projects in hand.

In case, you are seeking marketing freelance jobs, you can register yourself at one of the reputed freelancing sites. These platforms offer great connections and you can mature as a professional. Most importantly, you can find valuable clients, whose requirements might be matching your offerings.

5. Marketing Strategy

Growing as a freelancer involves working on your marketing strategy. This implies how you reach out to your customers. Firstly, you need to reap the benefits of social media marketing. Your presence as a freelancer on social media is crucial for your success.

Well, most freelancers are not aware of how to make their presence prominent on social media. You can simply post an ad, stories, posts, etc. showcasing your skills. You might also plan a direct mail campaign for yourself. On analyzing the past results of these campaigns, you will get an idea of how you should proceed and tap the opportunities.

Presently, many business firms try to find marketing freelancers on social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other such platforms serve as great resources for freelancers. When you grow your reputation, you can find new followers, who can instead, help you in finding clients through recommendations and references. You must realize that to unlock the promising market in the virtual space, a strong social media presence is a necessity nowadays.

6.Secure Relationships

For long-term success as a professional, you need to work on your relationships and ties in the industry. Keep yourself engaged, talking to past clients, tap prospective contacts, keep pitching to the new clients, and build a healthy relationship with your contacts. Even if you are not presently working on any of their projects, you must consider this as a branding effort for yourself. Stay in touch with the present and past clients without breaking the chords.

When you look out for better opportunities in freelancing India, you need to strengthen the bond with the people you work with. They might consider you for a challenging project ahead, or recommend you to a contact you might find valuable.

However, have an eye on how these bonds can help you grow as a professional. In the digitized business world, international reputation is hard to earn. You might request them to leave a positive review on your profile, or rate you as a top-notch designer, writer, developer.

At the same time, you need to grow a good bond with investors. Starting a freelance business involves a lot of effort. When you grow your reputation, it becomes easy to find investors, ready to provide you with financial backing.

7. Focus on Networking

Networking is crucial for forward-thinking professionals. When you grow your contacts, you might not find immediate success. However, these connections may turn out to be valuable resources with time.

Well, you need to carry out networking both through online and offline platforms. Over time, this might contribute to your personal growth or the development of your business. For instance, if you are having a LinkedIn account, you may connect with graphic designers, content developers, and website designers. With time, if you launch a digital marketing startup, you might find these resources valuable.

Many companies hire marketing freelancers from online platforms. When you remain active in these spaces, you get a greater degree of exposure to professional avenues. Besides, networking lets you know what others in your niche are doing. You can keep track of the competition in this process and work on your skills. Eventually, you can benefit from the opportunities.

8. Outsource your tasks

As you mature as a freelancer, you will come across fresh clients and projects. At one point, you will realize that the workload is too heavy for you to handle. In these cases, you have two solutions. You need to be choosy with the clients and work with a party that pays consistently and good. Alternatively, you may work simultaneously with all of them and outsource a part of your work.

The second option is better for freelancers, who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs in the coming years. When you remain in touch with all the contacts, you can deliver a greater volume of work from your end. In most cases, you can get the tasks are done by others, to whom you outsource them. In the process, you can grow your managerial and administrative skills. This is one of the first stepping stones to be a business professional from a freelancer.

In the present industry, digital marketing freelancers work in close associations with bloggers, creative professionals, and designers. They work with virtual assistants, who manage small tasks individually. You may incorporate your collaborative skills to stitch these professionals into a working unit and manage your tasks.

9. Focus on Professional Development

While you spend time networking, marketing, and working on your projects, take out time for professional development too. You need to test new strategies, read business books, and develop marketable skills. The industry is not static and competition is raging high. You need to master the latest trends in the industry.

This will help you stay competitive enough. From time to time, you may increase your rates. However, try to understand market trends and choose the right time. All these efforts will add value to the services you deliver to your clients. is one such platform that will help you in your professional development. It is a great marketing platform where you can build a strong network and a team of freelancers and agencies providing digital marketing services in various domains. Here you will meet expert professionals in different niche. It becomes easier to connect with professional experts under one roof.

10. Work on Long-Term Projects

It is recommended to go for long-term projects, rather than individual and smaller ones. Freelancers can benefit in terms of enhanced productivity when they work on these projects. While you need not spend your time looking for new projects, you get familiarized with the industry. Working consistently on these projects, you can enjoy greater value for the efforts you put in. Besides, you can develop your skills in an area that leads to specialization in course of time.

If you are planning to work freelancing India, try to grow long-term associations with your clients. On showcasing your skills, you can get projects on a long-term basis. However, make sure to fulfill the expectations of the clients and remain competitive in the industry.

Working as a freelancer is exciting indeed. You can set your own goals, take your time to mature in any area, choose the projects you like and work on your weaker areas. Over the last few years, the demand for digital marketing freelancers in India has been increasing. Companies across the globe outsource creative tasks to freelancers. You may collaborate with these firms and grow your contacts.

Bottom Line

However, you need to remain competitive and address the challenges efficiently. The digital marketing industry presents tremendous growth prospects to dynamic professionals. As a freelancer, you need to capitalize on the same and strengthen your relationships with the companies you work with. Growing as a freelancer is a process. You need to stay on the right track while exploring all the opportunities in the digitized business space. Focus on your skill sets and quality of services to succeed as a freelancer.