1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, yourstory and how you develop interest in cars?

I’m an automotive journalis & chief editor of Flywheel Automobile Media. I ’m on of the few selected jury memembers of ICOTY (India Car of the Year, largest auto award in country). I host a TV show           based on auto in Asianet (leading Malayalam channel) & Hotstar (Star Vijay - Tamil & Suvarna - Kanada on a break now)

Automobile is something in my blood & perssive my passion by freelancing while I was studying (in 2002). I continued freelancing for a regional daily & a magazine even while involving in my family business of real estate development. I also had my own blog apart from contributing to couple of online forums.

I made my appearence in TV by starting Flywheel show in Surya TV (Sun Network) in 2010. I have done around 400 episodes by now. 

2. What kind of social media accounts you have ?

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & youtube 

3. When did you start and how it has grown?

    I started social media activities (FB) since 2010/11, but as a personal affair. Made it page around 2013/14. Instagram in 2015/6. Twitter may be 2013/14. Youtube (personal Vlog) a month back only. But my      brand Youtube channel is active since 2011 (old) and 2015/16 (new)

4. What are some of the things you talk about in your message? How does it resonate with audience?

     Mostly I review automobile and give first hand information about the product.

 5. When did you realize that it is full time thing for you?


 6. What kind of content resonates the most with your audience?

      Premium vehicle reviews. Also life style elements

7. What advice would you give to brands and marketers looking to work with influencers for sponsorships?

       Influencer marketing haa a major role to play in brand promotion

  8.  What are your future plans? Do you have youtube channel?

       Future plan - expand my media platform. Develop my Vlog & do more content based projects for brands

       Youtube - youtube.com/flywheelwebtv (brand)

        Youtube.com/hanmustonwheels (new Vlog) 

9.  What is your favourite car?

     If you wana nail to one it will b difficult - Mercedes G & S class, Ferrari F12, Lambo Murcielago SV, McLaren 722 (from those I tested)