The first thing you notice about an article is its heading. The title, if it gets your attention you proceed to read it. Else, chances are low that you’ll read it. SEO focuses heavily on the use of the correct title for increasing the reach to the customers. No matter how great your content is, if the title lacks the pulling power, you are going to regret it and your efforts are going to go in vain. Is there any formula or guidelines which might help in writing a good catchy title for increasing attention? Yes, there are a few guidelines for the same, have a look:

1. Numerals to your rescue

It is a common trend nowadays to use numbers in the title. One, they give the reader a fair amount of idea as to what extent they can expect the length of the article to be. Two, listicles are more consumable than normal bulky paragraphs filled articles. Even the heading of this article includes a number. (Yes! We do follow what we preach.)

2. Keyword aid

Before writing any content one should always seek the help of keywords. Popular keywords have a greater chance of being searched than the not so popular ones. And if you can include that keyword in your article’s title as well, you have a win-win situation. By using the keyword in both the title and the body, you improve upon your search engine rankings. There are multiple tools that will help you in finding these keywords. Available in both paid and free versions, you may seek their help. One such tool for suggesting good headings is Portent’s title generator (hyperlink to redirect to most important content marketing tools)

3. Stand out of the league

Standing out from the crowd is not an easy task. At times, you might puzzle the users by using a title which compels them to open it and read more about it. This curiosity generated in consumer’s mind will help you gain one more user. And if you write good content then you can easily turn a one-time customer into a regular one. A content heavy website like Scoopwhoop and Buzzfeed use this technique all the time.

4. Use the power of WWWWWH

WWWWWH or Why? Who? What? When? Where? How? Can add an air of mystery to your article. This can be really fruitful for your article as people like to know more about such things. Also, by adding such interrogative words to your title, you are suggesting a probable solution to a problem which the user might have. That can be a good reason for one to visit your article.

5. Keep the length optimum

There are negatives of using both, a lengthy heading and a short one. A short heading often is incomplete or doesn’t provide much information about what to find in the article. It also isn’t the mystery of heading that lures customers. Mostly, it is inappropriateness, which shall annoy the customer. On the other side, a lengthy heading will do the opposite. It’ll leave little air for excitement about the article and can even be perceived as boring. So, the best way is to keep the length to optimum. Generally, headings between 7 and 10 words perform the best.