Guest post has become a known and widely used word in the world of digital marketers, content creators and digital businesses.

It’s not possible that a successful blogger doesn’t know about this term as it is the necessary component of marketing that plays a crucial role in the success of any site or a blogger.

Guest post is a term used when a writer who owns a blog produces an original post on another blog or site with his name mentioned as the author.

Guest posting can help you reach to the vast audience and assist you in creating brand awareness. Thus, it helps in driving new traffic to your site.

Usually, people ask: how Guest-Post is different from regular blog posts?

Here you will know it in simpler terms:

It is an article written by a writer to be posted on someone else’s blog rather than his or her own site.
When you write on someone else’s blog, you become the guest and a Guest-Blogger. It is as simple as that.

Why would I post my original-write up to someone else’s site?; I knew this question would certainly come up in your mind. Let’s know its answer here:

How does Guest-Post Benefit? 

  • Instant Exposure to New Audience
    Traffic is the foremost element of any online business or blog. If you do it the right way, you can convert it into sales.

    If you manage to write a top-quality post and make it go live, you can start traffic flowing to your site.


  • Increases Social-Media Followers
    By connecting to a credible blog, you are mainly getting them to advertise your brand and verifying it. It makes an impression in the eyes of their followers.

    Guest blogging not only increases the number of social media shares, but it also accelerates your lead generation efforts.

    In most guest blogging arrangements, you can include your social media accounts by customizing your contributor profile.


  • Enhance Your Online Credibility
    In this modern online world, it’s difficult to convert your audience into loyal followers if they don’t trust your brand.

    By contributing to authentic and assured blogs, you get the chance to make your image as an information source.

    It will make the target audience realize that you are someone who is trusted by renowned brands.


  • Develop Brand Awareness
    The best way to create your authority in your niche is Guest blogging.

    Try your best to come up with practical tips that are not easily found anywhere.

    Grab the opportunity to let the target audience know what your company is all about and how it is going to solve their problems.

    Make sure to leave an imprint of your brand’s voice into every single post you publish. This will make your personal brand noticeable.

    Many prominent bloggers use a humorous approach or sometimes conversational approach to engage readers. They like to keep sentences short and easily legible.


  • A Shorter Sales Cycle
    There has always been a challenge for content marketers and it is known “Sales Funnel”.

    By disseminating your content through famous blogs, you are immediately getting your audience intimated with your brand. Thus, you are bridging the gap by shortening the sales cycle.

  • Provide Back-link to Your Site
    Most authoritative blogs allow the contributors to leave at least one link to their own site.

    Majority of them don’t offer anything in monetary terms for the hard work you have put in. Allowing you to mention your brand is the least they could do to pay in exchange of your efforts.

    Hereby, it is advised to try to target audience in your own niche only to build the significance of your post.


  • Enhance Your Content Marketing Skills
    Guest blogging requires you to adopt the correct writing voice for a particular audience, do content research, perform as an influencer.

    The only way to learn content marketing is to implement them yourself. Only reading about them will not work.

    You put yourself in the position of growth in every facet of content market as soon as you start with your own blogging campaign.

    This way, you will learn to do affiliate marketing and other digital marketing activities.


  • Vital Feedback from the Social Network
    One of the major benefits of being active in the community is that you start getting feedback of great significance from other contributors.

    You can also give an invitation to contributors to comment by adding a call-to-action in the conclusion paragraph.


Above mentioned are the amazing benefits that you can get by becoming a guest blogger.

Now, you must be feeling ambiguous about how guest-post works.
Let’s delve into this:

Process of Guest-Posts

  1. Find the Right Sites to Pitch Your Post
    Ascertaining right sites for your blog should be your priority. If you post your original post to a site which is of another niche from your area then it will be of no use.

    Plus, you would have wasted your time and hard-work on some wrong platform.

    So, it is always wise to spend time in search of the right posts for posting your idea/hard-work/talent.
  2. Go Through the Current Blog’s Guidelines
    Any authoritative blog would have some guidelines to post. It is your foremost duty to go through the guidelines and create your post accordingly.
  3. Select the Right Topic with Quality Matrices

    The quality matrix includes domain authority, page rank, followers.
    You should choose the right topic considering all of the above quality matrices.
    It helps in reaching to the target audience plus audience at a vast level.

    Here are some awesome tips to make your guest-blog effective:
  • Go after Smaller Blogs First:
    Though driving a great amount of traffic from the authoritative sites is the principal intention of guest posting. Pitching post inn high authoritative sites should be ignored in the early stage.

    It is better to build a reputation first before you fry the bigger fishes. The smaller fishes have a greater possibility to accept as they get less traffic.

    They easily accept the guest posts to increase the traffic to their site. Rather than the big sites, you are having your eyes on.

  • Don’t Compromise with the Quality
    Do it with all your heart or don’t do it. Remember, doing a half-baked job will never help you in any case.

    Even if you write for a less prominent site, you shouldn’t do it half-heartedly. You should do your job right and this way your success will be yours.
  • Build an Inside Connection
    It is always a great idea to build your image with an insider before jumping up with your intended agenda.

    Study your targeted sites like a spy and identify the blogs which are useful for you and can make you reach the pinnacle.
  • Avoid Self Promotion
    Most of the blogs do self-promotion which should be strictly avoided. There is no denying the fact that quoting is necessary but there is a thin line between doing it subtly and overdoing it.


  • Alignment with the Authoritative Blog
    The posts submitted should be customized according to the blog’s nature. Sometimes when there is a mismatch of alignment, such guest posts may not reach the desired audience.
    Hence it is of paramount importance to write according to the rules of the blog page. This would also increase the interested engaged readers.


Ways to Get More Traffic from Guest Blogging

  • Ascertain Who Your Customers are:
    Without knowing who your customers are, Guest blogging isn’t going to help you. How can you achieve your aim until your target is defined?

    Are you looking for teenagers applying for colleges? Aged people for your content? Take some enough time to think about who would get the most value from your content.

    One important point to be considered is: If you write for everyone.That often means that you are writing for no one.

  • Write Awesome Content

    In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to create content that is unique and that truly provides value to the readers.

    The first step is to determine what people want to read and writing about things people want to read is crucial. How can you do this?

    One way is to create awesome content that stands out and solving a problem you have.

    Another way is to have a look at the common queries people are asking. If many people are asking about a particular thing, there’s a great possibility that a larger audience out there would love to read a blog post on the same topic.

    Create that content that solves people’s problem. Most likely if you have that problem, probably others do too!


  • Build Relationships

    Sometimes knowing writing is not suffice, but whom you know plays a vital role. Having a referral from someone can be a great way to motivate an editor to publish you.

    You should keep in mind this sentence and fit it permanently in some corner of your mind. It says: “Every opportunity is a person away and you never know who that person is”


  • Pitch and Test
    You have to first see where you can get published and accordingly search for the sites that will provide you the best return on investment.

    One of the main ways is to go for cold emailing. That will be a total excuse if you say that you don’t have the right connections to go for guest-blogging.

    Depending upon the site, the topic and your relationship, your pitch will automatically be different.

    Some key components you should include in your pitch:
          1. Start with a clear question in the beginning and in the end.

            2. Introduce yourself and mention your accomplishment that can
               create rapport and give social proof to the authoritative blog.

            3. Mention your article and its detail and about its value to the   
            4. Share the link to the post in Google Drive


  • Build Your E-mail List

     Building your email list can’t work alone until you provide valuable content to your subscribers.
    For signing up, you should give your readers something valuable. For example, a Top 10 resources list, video-content a free E-Book.

    If you want to increase your conversion rates, offer something valuable rather than going blunt and asking them to give their e-mail id.


  • Use Software Tools

    Some of the software tools can facilitate this process:

    ConvertKit: It helps to build opt-in forms with giveaways. It serves like another email list booster.

    BuzzStream- It is a tool used for conducting campaigns. It is also helpful in researching link prospects.

    Sumo: To get more traffic, it provides social share buttons, pop up windows to collect e-mails.


Conclusion :

Guest blogging is one of the chief inbound marketing strategies and it has always proved itself as the most treasured tool.
Many giants wouldn’t have been successful if it had ignored guest blogging. It can be termed as the necessary element of any successful digital business.
It can also help you increase your revenue by increasing the traffic to your sites through back-links.