Nothing can be a better tool for influential marketing than an engaging content.

According to a report from Hubspot, content marketing is 62% less costly than traditional advertising and generates thrice as many leads.

But mind you, generating leads is no naïve task. Generating leads is a far-fetched story, which begins from basic stepping-stones. A clear roadmap can be laid by following the 7 underlying basic steps for an effective content marketing campaign:

Know your audience

The prime goal of any form of advertising is to target the right-set of audience. A poorly targeted marketing campaign can squish the bubble of your leads. Before you start creating the content for your campaign make sure that you have delved deep into your target audience. The key identifiable parameters for your target audience can be:

  1. Demographical Information
  2. Age-group.
  3. Biographical information.
  4. Most used social-media platforms and favourite sources of entertainment- Blogs, videos, photos etc.
  5. Value addition by the product in their life.
  6. Their role in purchase-process.

Content type creates the hype

After identifying the mix of your audience, you have to contemplate about the best form of marketing from the research of favourite sources of entertainment. The form of your content would independently depend upon the demography of your target audience too. The most common forms of content marketing are:

  1. Blog-posts
  2. Photos
  3. Videos or vlogs
  4. Podcasts
  5. Social-media posts


Appropriate platform attracts traffic

After the identification of target audience and the content type, comes the most important step of choosing the correct platform for your content marketing. The choice of platform can be extremely tricky, as the modern-generation social animal is enigmatic when it comes to social-media existence. The presence of plethora of platforms has made this choice a dilemma. Still, some of the popular platforms are:

  1. Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.)
  2. Facebook      
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. LinkedIn
  6. YouTube


Share through the right channel

Today, the word celebrity has been replaced by influencers. Endorsing a celebrity for an advertisement campaign is equivalent to endorsing an influencer for your content marketing campaign. The presence of these influencers in every field has been a fine channel for the promotion through their blogs, posts, tweets, articles etc. There are certain online communities/pages also, which are immensely popular in the social-media fraternity, and sharing through them ensures a wide-reach. Deciding upon the frequency of publishing your content is also an important factor.

Articulate content makes a lasting impact

Tech-junkies are driven by creative and informative content. I, personally, have been a fan of the butterly girl from Amul, for a long time, for her snarky punches and now Zomato for their quirky one-liners. So, how to make your content appealing, interesting and informative at the same time? The magic-key to this is:

  1. An enticing catchphrase for the headline
  2. Relevant content.
  3. Engaging and informative content.
  4. Relevant visuals.
  5. Link to high-quality and trusted resources.
  6. Using most used keywords.
  7. Useful content.

Optimisation of the content:

Size matters. The outline of your content should be laid out in a way that it covers all the required details of the topic without being elongated or stretched. Remember, a long content could be informative but might turn boring for the reader, while a short content could be easy to read but might be informative enough to generate leads. Thus, the size does matter.

Engagement of the audience

Finally, the last but as they say not the least step, you need to engage your audience for a lasting impression and prompt them to share your content with their friends and peers. For this purpose, you can include quizzes, contests in your post and display the results immediately which could lead to them inviting their friends to compare the results. You can also have a poll for the next post or an in-depth webinar about the same post which in turn would mean more traffic attracted to your post and subsequently your website.

That’s it. You have the blue-print for a successful content marketing campaign to generate leads. Never forget, if you want to be the king of content-marketing, content is the king-maker.