Thinking of digital marketing strategies, one cannot possibly ignore SEO and content marketing. These two lies at the core of digital marketing strategies. However, this does not necessarily mean that content marketing and SEO work in watertight compartments. Digital marketers tend to integrate SEO in content marketing. Enhancing the SEO of a website requires working extensively on the quality of its content.

In this post, you will get to know about how SEO and content marketing work together in any digital marketing campaign.

An integrated digital marketing strategy works out the best with several modules playing their respective roles. SEO and content marketing complement each other, given that quality content remains at the center of every campaign. Considering the challenges, most companies work in close association with digital marketing freelancers while incorporating the strategies.

What to focus on while formulating your SEO strategy and content?

Business houses looking to enhance their content marketing strategy need to target their posts. Besides, a well-formulated SEO strategy complements the efforts. Here are some aspects that matter in your website content which can strengthen your SEO.

Targeting the right audience

While formulating your SEO strategy, it is important to reach out to the right target audience with the right set of keywords. You might have heard the term ‘targeted keywords.’ This refers to the popular phrases and terms, which the audience searches for. While working on your SEO strategy, you need to determine:

  • Which section of people forms your audience segment?
  • What type of information do they seek online?
  • Why they require such information?
  • What exact phrases do they use to obtain the necessary information?

Digital marketers, specializing in marketing freelance jobs formulate the SEO strategy in three stages:

  • Audience research: Firstly, the SEO experts identify the nature of the audience, for whom they target and formulate the strategy. Therefore, you need to study their browsing habits and find out where they spend most of the time online. At the same time, you need to figure out their personal preferences, habits, statistics, and demographics.
  • Keyword research: Next, is to find keywords that are profitable and relevant to your industry. This should be well-synced with the search intent of your audience and the products and services you offer.
  • Topic research: Coming to the content marketing strategy, topic research helps in determining the topics which a specific audience wants to know about. The selected keywords are to be integrated into your content accordingly.


Making your content readable

Most digital marketers are aware of the importance of making the content readable. Unless you come up with some compelling reason that induces your audience to go through your articles and blogs, your strategy is likely to be weak. Incredible content, crafted by professional writers can spearhead your digital marketing strategy.

Besides, every element on a specific page should be relevant to the audience’s interest. Google considers the readability and engagement of your content as important factors within its ranking algorithms.

The readability of your content largely relies on the following elements:

  • Clarity
  • Logic
  • Organization
  • Quality
  • Simplicity

Therefore, your content should be understandable, regardless of the nature of your business. Your website is likely to climb up the rankings when your audience can clearly understand what you convey.


Working deeper with your content

One of the most popular content marketing trends is that companies are focusing on longer and deeper content on their sites. Besides, a calculated mix of short and long-tail keywords is also necessary. With the right keyword density, your website is likely to live up to the expectations of Google algorithms.

Presently, Google is focusing on the quality of the content. Therefore, your content needs exceptional depth in terms of coverage and literary quality. This can significantly help your website soar in ranks. Websites with weak content are now prioritizing this area to remain competitive. Many companies hire a blogger to assist them to develop relevant and quality blogs and articles. You may find best freelancers and bloggers on digital marketing platform, Allkonnect.

While this trend is likely to continue in the coming years, here is something you should know.

What does deep content indicate?

  • It means that you need to come up with longer blog posts, with at least 2,000 words or so
  • Craft informational, motivational, or educational content from different angles
  • Come up with how-to-do articles and comprehensive guidelines

Briefly, your content marketing strategy calls for efforts beyond the surface-level research. You might consider using JSTOR, Google Scholar, or count on industry publications to find more relevant data.


Formatting your content

Presently, featured snippets are gaining attention in SERPs. You must have noticed that certain blocks of information show up when you search for a topic in the engine. Therefore, content marketers should work on enhancing the chances of getting featured in these snippets. Here are some tactics that you may try out:

  • Include answers to commonly posted questions in your content
  • Focus on the quality of your content, and hire marketing freelancers or professional writers
  • Use bullet points or numbers
  • Include data or statistics
  • Follow a logical approach while structuring your data

Nowadays, several skilled professionals, engaged in digital marketing freelance jobs India are collaborating with business enterprises. You may hire a writer or approach an agency for comprehensive support. You can connect with them on Allkonnect for your content requirements.


Grow your reputation

With recent changes in Google’s ranking algorithms, expert authorship or authority is being scrutinized more than ever before. Therefore, you need to take up the role of an expert, while educating your audience about your services or products. Reputation in any business matters a lot. Besides, page quality largely depends on the content creator’s history and profile.

The quality evaluator norms of Google have been upgraded in recent times, which makes posting authentic articles immensely valuable. Evidence of reputation may include the following aspects:

  • First-person experience
  • What reviews, blogs, and the wider cyberspace says about you

Make sure to come up with a professional tone when you craft your ‘About Us’ page content. Focus on the author’s bio segment of your articles, guest posts, and blogs. These elements play a crucial role in building your reputation. You might consider influencer marketing as a tool to grow your authority in the respective industry.


Carry out original research

For SEO content, original research continues to be a valuable investment. This might include fresh studies, information, statistics, and research. With this approach, you may remain open to new opportunities to link up with other sites, who might cite your information. This is of immense value to your website in terms of SEO. Besides, when you provide authentic and original information to your audience, you enhance the value of your blogs.

A research carried out in 2018 reveals that 56% of the marketers, carrying out their research in their content marketing and SEO strategies meet their expectations. Besides, a significant section of the marketers reveals that original research leads to greater visibility of their website with more traffic pouring in. 63% of marketers also stated that they enjoy a greater number of social shares.

Therefore, you need to publish your research data to leverage your SEO strategy. Here are some original research ideas that you would find handy:

  • Publish a case study, integrated with relevant keywords on the success or failure of your brand. This can serve as a valuable teaching tool
  • Carry out a survey on your industry, related to any popular topic and compile your findings
  • Analyze the metrics of your site and post the results

You may find marketing freelancers online to assist you in this research work.


Updating your content

SEO content marketing is a process and you need to update your content from time to time. Remember, your content marketing strategy must be relevant enough, so incorporate fresh keywords into existing content, even if you had posted it months ago. A piece of an article crafted with expertise comes with a long lifeline. You simply need to tweak the keywords or certain areas to keep them relevant. With greater exposure, this content can draw more traffic to your website over the years.

 Here are certain strategies related to content optimization that might work for you:

  • Include new keywords in your content with every fresh research
  • Include new angles in your content that your readers would find beneficial
  • Remove outdated statistics and add new ones
  • Check the metadata and keep it optimized for search engines
  • To make your content engaging, try refreshing the language

Therefore, make sure that you review your articles, blogs, and other website content periodically. You might hire marketing freelancers to make relevant updates in your content. Firstly, find the pieces that draw in maximum traffic. Make the necessary changes and try to mold other content on similar lines. Remember, quality content remains evergreen, and you simply need to take care of your posts once they are published.


Diversify your content marketing strategy

You might approach your potential customers through the following types of SEO content:

  • Product pages: For eCommerce websites, these serve as the bread and butter. A well-crafted product page can act as a PPC landing page, as well as a page having SEO content.
  • Blog posts: To come up with a regular stream of content integrated with SEO strategies, you can post blogs for your readers at a specific interval. This is one of the best ways to develop your site authority.
  • Articles: You may publish news features, interviews, and or articles from time to time. This helps brands stay engaged with their potential customers, fostering a better brand image.
  • Guides: You might publish long guides that provide users with a comprehensive idea of what to do and what not when they purchase a product. Publish the pros and cons, and provide them with the necessary guidelines to make the right decision. You can win the confidence of your customers when you help them in the purchase process.


How do content marketing and SEO work together?

At present, many businesses depend on email marketing and social media for their content promotion. These are two of the most powerful channels of digital marketing. However, when you use these channels, you have no guarantee that your published content will find the right audience. However, when you incorporate your SEO and content marketing strategies in the digital marketing campaign, your approach becomes more goal-oriented.

Currently, people have greater access to cyberspace. When they have any queries about a product, they count on search engines. Now, with targeted keywords integrated into your content, your customers can find relevant articles and blogs.

Therefore, it is necessary to cater to their psychological needs with the right content at the desired hour. SEO content clicks when you try to streamline your business. Reputed online marketing freelancers integrate various modules of digital marketing with SEO and content marketing. In the process, they can yield the intended results through their marketing campaigns.

When you churn out content revolving around the needs of your audience with relevant keywords integrated into them, you can benefit in terms of better visibility in the virtual space. When a potential customer looks out for a product or service relevant to your brand, your page will appear in the search results.

In this way, you can establish a connection with a potential customer. Even if the person simply looks for information or guidelines, you can grow your authority by providing the right information.


Content marketing and search engine optimization are two distinct tools of digital marketing. However, none of these can operate in a vacuum; with each requiring the other to strengthen the campaign. In the process, your website can get better quality leads, which you can eventually convert. To ensure that you have both these tools to spearhead your campaign, you need to develop an SEO content marketing strategy.

The guidelines furnished above will help you come up with a powerful digital marketing strategy. You can reap the benefits of both quality content and optimizing your site with this approach.