From raving about that expensive international vacation to showing off the fancy collection, they do it all on Instagram. Every brand uses it social media to promote itself and generate a better brand recall. Intagram has been a major  source of revenue for some of the celebrities. Aticcus the famous mysterious poet hiding behind the mask rose to fame with his Instagram posts.

A proper brand strategy followed can help leverage the image  of the brand. the strategy should not just posting attractive pictures with relevant captions. Its much more than that. Like any other marketing strategy, it begins with identifying the target audience, creating relevant content, and ultimately analyzing the results to proceed further. The strategy should involve multiple actions.

Let the photograph do the talking

The main agenda of insytagrsm is to connect to audiences by leveraging the visual content. People react more to imagery than text because they see photos before they read text. Brands should aim creating a visual experience that its audience finds appealing. Its all about striking the chord with the audience and aligning the brand to the audiences likes.  Every picture you post on Instagram reminds the audience of your brand adding up to the positive image of the brand strengthening it further. Creating visuals that are natural and real can help creating a connection with the audience. You need to understand what your community responds to and explore and find what other brands are doing.

Focussing on the content

Content is a king. Making the content relevant your the audiences is the best way. Its not about random pictures. Every picture you post should help leverage the image of your brand in some way. It can be anything from behind the scenes workings of the brand to the people spotted using the brand unconventionally.

Nike shares photos of the atheletes doing what they do the best

Content Can either be product-focussed or culture focused. Product focussed content can include the features and uses of the product. Lot of boutiques and designer houses show off their designs on social media. These can also include the DIY( Do-it-Yourself). Foreg- Home good shares home decorating options and tips.

Culture focussed content can target showing off the culture of the company. These can be candid pictures depicting the events celebrated. Foreg- Starbucks shares images of its customers, baristas and even the members of the executive team trying out its new flavours

User generated content is also a great boost to the image of the brand. This may include product reviews or post as a part of hashtag campaign.

Use of Hashtags

Hashtags make the photo searchable. Photos that have hashtags will show up in the stream of that particular hashtags and it will appear in the popular searches. Hashtags may have limited shelf life but if the content is on trend it will show up and reach wider audiences. However, use  of 2-3 hashtags at the most is recommended because too many hashtags cause clutter, ultimateky losing its relevance. Making up your own hashtag and making it viral is one of the most popular strategies used by the brands nowadays. Brands create a hashtag, publicise it, prompt it to use it, when the audiences use their product and  take part in the related acivity. Hence, using hastags for brands proves to be useful in terms of visibility.

Also,  Trending hashtags can be used. Foreg #ootd, #throwback thurday. If you have relevant content which would go with the hashtag do not refrain from posting it.

Anothher important thing to be noted is increasing the visibility with hashtags is only possible if the account is public. With private account, the photo would only be visible to the fewer number of followers who are already following you.

Monetizing Posts

Following like-minded people helps you grow your network on Instagram. If you tap into the audiences that enjoy your content. They will share it furthermore, attracting new followers to your handle tereby expanding your network. Also Linking your instagram profile on the other social networks will help in growing the followers as the people who follow you on one social media will probably follow on instagram too.

‘Call to Action’ posts are the best way to convert potential leads into sales. All you have to do is to add a link in the bio or decription with an acttractive visual and and you can send the quality leads to your website inducing unplanned purchases. Also running discount and sales can be created exclusively for instagram followers so that it can attract new audiences and expand the social network.

Using Instagram Advertisement

Instagram ads help you tap into the audiences which cannot be covered through free marketing. Using appropriate visuals and linking it to a  landing page can help generating sales. Also special care should be taken to customise the landing page. It has to induce point of sales or else it would be the waste of revenue.