Looking for the next gig as a freelancer then following ways can help:

1. Start Cold Pitching

There’s much less competition and you’ll have a better chance at landing a gig when you contact clients directly.

You can contact bloggers, entrepreneurs, MSME companies, startups and let them know that you are looking for freelancing job and can how you can help them grow their business. It can be scary to pitch sometime especially if you are new to freelance writing. It is totally easy to do.

First one need to identify the business to cold pitch to. Like you have noticed that they don’t have a blog but they should or twitter account or any other online presence that they are trying to grow then you can reach out to them and help them with that.

Once you have identified the gaps you can draft up a cold pitch and send it off.

In the pitch make sure you include - How you found out about them, who you are, how you can help them.

2. Pitch to a Job Board Ad

If you’re new to freelance writing and you want to find quality jobs, responding to job ads is your best bet. A lot of new content creators and influencers find their first gig using this way.

There are a lot of job boards a that provide freelance market place like Upwork, Allkonnect, Peopleperhour to find the content gig. Lot of f brands like startups, agencies and enterprise companies that post an ad on these boards.

Sometimes you are asked to give your rate; other times the job ad specifies a starting rate for content.

3. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media

Did you know social media can be a goldmine for landing gigs? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are also great places for finding great jobs and helps in building the relationships with potential clients.

There is a lot of potential for writing gigs on Facebook. If you know the groups to join then you should have no problem finding consistent work.

But, this approach does take time as you are building relationships with potential leads. Freelancers can respond to particular requests or as well as post questions in the community group.

Some Facebook groups to join are:

  • Digital marketing community
  • Content writing jobs
  • Local city Facebook community groups

4. Use Your Website

The best way to attract high paying clients is to have an own professional website. It is good to do blogging in spare time and create WordPress website even when you are getting started. Using right keywords in your blogs can help people easily find your information.

5. Guest post

The guest post on popular sites can also make your content visible to a greater number of audience. And you can bet one of those viewers to be your potential clients.

There are a lot of platforms that get writings on various topics: 

  • Startups –yourstory, Inc42
  • Marketing – Afaq, exchange4media

You might also need to show some previous example to land the writing gig. So if you are getting started it might be difficult but it can happen.

Sometimes you can just find by doing a google search “niche”+ write for us and see what happens.

6. Start Warm Pitching

What is the difference between cold pitch and warm pitch- to maximize your chances of landing a quality gig you need to work both ends – direct and indirect approach.

Cold pitching is a direct way while warm pitching is an indirect way and requires to create the relationship with brands and businesses.

For examples, you can the companies that you are interested in. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You can keep eye on their content and engage with their posts when possible.

7. Let people know that you are available

Wherever possible including your social media profile advertise that you are available for hire. Someone in your network can also refer to you the opportunity. A lot of times freelancers miss the opportunity because they don’t advertise themselves more.

8. Find companies that pay for user-generated content

Freelancers can attend local events and network with businesses. A lot of companies will pay you for writing your story like Tripto is famous in India for travel stories. Likewise, there are a lot of websites that allow you to write on different topics like education, fashion etc and pay you handsomely for the same.