Launching your digital marketing agency may be an excellent decision, considering the business potential in the virtual space. However, running the agency and expanding it brings you several challenges. Digital marketing trends are evolving with the paradigms shifting within the industry. The secret to success in this domain is to remain flexible and open to change.

While most of the new digital marketing agencies work with marketing freelancers, others have their in-house professionals. Regardless of how your business operates, you need to remain abreast of the latest developments in the industry. The key concerns include hiring skilled professionals, accounting, selling, payroll management, account management, marketing, so on and so forth.

Here, you will come across fourteen tips that will help you grow your digital marketing agency.

1. Develop your network

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs try to grow their connections within the industry. This keeps them open to opportunities coming their way. Therefore, when you start your digital marketing agency, try to channelize it, and put more effort into networking. Connections are valuable indeed, as you can get various referrals through the process. These are a few guidelines that you will find useful.

  • If you are a startup, it would be great for you to start with the local clients. This ensures that you will have some common business grounds. It becomes easier to get your agency introduced to them.
  • Besides, stay focused on a specific niche. Try to target a niche that you specialize in and you can deliver best.


2. Developing outbound and inbound marketing tactics

As a new company, you need to market your brand. You might hire marketing freelancers specializing in this domain so that you can tap potential opportunities. Failing to do so will slow down your growth process. Therefore, you should allocate time and budget for outbound and inbound marketing processes.

Inbound marketing refers to activities, through which an agency can get leads passively. Potential clients might be able to get across through pay-per-click, SEO, social media platforms, and content marketing.

Outbound marketing, on the other hand, helps digital marketing agencies get new leads actively. In this case, the company needs to make the first move while reaching out to potential clients. Outbound marketing takes place through cold calls and cold e-mails.

3. Deciding the pricing

For digital marketing agencies, setting the right price for their services turns out to be a tricky task. While you need to offer the services at a competitive cost, you need to focus on the revenue-generation, as well. Choose a payment model that suits your business profile. At the outset, research how your competitors charge for their services. You might come up with a better offering in terms of the quality of services at the same price range.

Presently, a large number of professionals are looking for freelancer jobs. Outsourcing your projects to these people might help you slash down the running costs. You can easily reach out to them from digital platforms like Seek services based on a project from experts and professionals.  Therefore, you might offer your services at a reasonable rate to the client.

Remember, your pricing must justify the value that your agency offers. Do not fix the prices too low or too high to get business.

4. Make your process repeatable and scalable

Talking about the operational process of your business, the mechanism should be repeatable and scalable. The growth of your agency is largely based on its procedures and policies. In this process, you can get a framework based on which you can execute the necessary measures and follow up.

Therefore, the reporting process has to be automated. For instance, when you write contracts and proposals, you need not start every time from scratch. Simply go for templates that you can send to clients after filling them up. You will also come across certain tools, through which the appointment booking process can be streamlined.

Your in-house professionals should also have specific instructions, ensuring that they can efficiently accomplish their tasks. Even when you hire digital marketing freelancers, make sure to keep the process repeatable and scalable to ease everything.

5. Work with the right professionals

Most of the successful digital marketing agencies work with both in-house professionals and freelancers. In the end, the quality of work matters, regardless of whom you get it done. Your end goal is to satisfy your clients so that you can grow your agency.

When you try to find marketing freelancers, look out for accomplished professionals, with an established record of accomplishment in a specific niche. Again, you may not require the services of freelancers round the year. To ease up the burden on your in-house professionals, you may count on freelancers from time to time.

Digital marketing agencies and platforms like, Freelancer, and other such platforms outsource all types of services, ranging from social media management, SEO to content marketing to expert and professional freelancers. With a well-balanced workforce, you can reach your business goals with ease.

6. Grow connections with influencers

Well, growing a business involves growing your connections as well. Networking has a prime role to play in the success of your firm. In this context, it is worthy to mention about influencer marketing. Partnering with influencers, you can leverage your firm manifold. Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to foster your growth based on a targeted approach. You may start approaching influencers through any of the following ways:

  • Host live sessions on Facebook or webinars on topics they specialize in
  • Reach out to them asking if they are ready to be an affiliate partner
  • Request them to write a guest post for the website of your agency

Make sure not to go for all the benefits at the same time. The deal has to be mutually beneficial for both.

7. Work on your onboarding process

The onboarding process for your digital marketing agency needs to be seamless. This ensures that you can retain your existing clients while growing your business. To ensure client retention, you need to come up with a strategic onboarding process. Startups should focus on the onboarding process from the very outset, or else, you might find your clients moving to other agencies.

Setting up the right e-mail sequences can help you streamline the process of client onboarding. These e-mails should convey information that the clients find relevant enough to approach. You might focus on their needs while carrying out your e-mail marketing process.

In the process, you can enhance the understanding of your clients. As a marketer, you need to map the results of interaction with each client. This will help you understand that the conversation might lead to a specific conclusion. Accordingly, you can prepare suitable responses.

8. Upselling to clients

To grow and repeat business, you need to upsell the services to clients. Even clients with a one-off deal can be approached if you have the right tactics in place. In the process, you can open up new streams of revenue. Think of ways that can offer additional value to clients, who have already purchased your project once. These tips might help you in the process:

  • Offer services that are complementary to each other.
  • When you design a website for a client, you may offer your SEO services.
  • You might even hire a blogger to develop content or post relevant articles on their website.
  • Demonstrate how these complementary services can help them rank their website better. When you are done with these tasks, you may offer a new SEO campaign in a few months to your existing clients.

However, do not offer services that the client might not find valuable.

9. Explain and analyze the results

Most of the clients are concerned with the sole thing: ‘Results.’ They will not allow you to explain what PPC or click-through rate is. You simply need to explain how a particular service will benefit them. Therefore, you should explain the results to your clients, rather than simply reporting them after analyzing the statistics.

In case, your services failed to satisfy the clients, try to identify the results, and justify the situation, which led to the failure. You might use this as an opportunity to maximize the ROI or improve your campaign further.

Do not demonstrate a long-term report to the clients. Interpret the facts to them in a way they would find engaging. Collaborating with reputed online marketing freelancers might help you obtain the desired results.

10. Working on the post-sales process

Successful agencies know the tactics of finding clients who would convert. When you try to grow your firm, you should know how you can close the deals and retain the clients. After you have delivered the solution, continue caring for the clients and retain a good connection. Maintaining a positive post-sales relationship can work in favor of your company.

You might share how-to articles with them, case studies, and white papers. In case, you find any glitch is likely to crop up, point it out to the client in advance with a probable solution. Show your gratitude that helps in growing a better brand image.

11. Use the right set of tools

Simply hiring the right people may not work, unless you have the right set of tools. Sophisticated technology is one of the pre-conditions for your success. You might consider investing in tools, which can streamline your business. A well-integrated technical infrastructure is something your digital marketing agency should be having. This will help you deliver the desired grade of services to your clients.

Here are some useful technologies that you might need to incorporate on your platform:

  • Checking SEO ranks: SEMrush, Moz, and Google Search Console
  • Keyword Analysis: SEMrush, Spyfu, Google Trends, and Google AdWords
  • Analytics Tools: Adobe Analytics, Kissmetrics, Google Analytics
  • Comparison of Site Audience: Alexa and Google Analytics


12. Integrate AI technologies

One of the most strategic approaches to grow your digital marketing agency is to integrate AI technologies in the process. A large section of freelancers looking for digital marketing freelance jobs India are well-versed with these technologies. You might consider hiring them and enhance the quality of your offerings.

Through a personalized strategy, integrated with AI technologies can help your clients outperform their competitors. AI and machine learning are closely linked. You can automate the process and use data analysis to enhance performance.

AI helps in assessing what a customer may be needing by interpreting the behavior of clients. In the process, the technology can drive conversions to a significant extent.

13. Offer packages with a live demo for marketing

Marketing your digital marketing agency may turn out to be a tedious task. You may use live demo videos for demonstrating the effectiveness of your services. On the digitized platform, this serves as an effective tool.

A survey reveals that 80% of the people would watch the brand videos of different companies, rather than going through their blog. Again, 82% of the people are likely to watch videos over posts on social media. Presently, live videos are gaining popularity. To enhance your brand exposure, you need to come up with engaging videos, along with your offering.

14. Optimize your website

As a digital marketing agency, you might focus on ranking the client’s websites on search engine result pages. However, it is important to strengthen the position of your website. This aspect is often overlooked by new agencies. To tap the potential on the virtual business space, you need to optimize your website. If necessary, hire an experienced professional to work on SEO and content.

You also need to work on enhancing the quality of content on your website. Content remains at the core of your digital marketing strategy. Your clients get to know about you through the content on your web pages. During the decision-making process, the quality of content plays a crucial role. You might create targeted keywords, utilizing the same in your content. In the process, you can draw both sales and traffic.

Bottom line

These guidelines will help you sustain your digital marketing agency amid rising competition. Work with digital marketing freelancers, who already have established their competence. With the right workforce at your desk, you can cater to the requirements of your clients. Challenges in the competitive business environment are many. With the right strategies in place, you can overcome the most challenging situations.