What is the best time to post on social media ?

As a social media manager you might have come up with several studies on what is a good time to post on social media. And while it is good to know the best time to post it is time to reconsider them. Every brand has a unique voice and its own set of target audience hence it is important to have the right data that will yield positive marketing results.

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9 tips to build a better social media presence

The world of social media is gradually expanding and businesses have started realizing that cultivating a proper presence on social media and building the right network is becoming increasingly important. Some of the key benefits of building your brand on social media include improving customer service, lead generation, engaging audience, becoming a thought leader and even driving traffic to yo […]

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8 ways to increase Twitter followers

A very common question asked nowadays is how many Twitter followers you have.  A higher number of Twitter follower shows that you have not only more influence in your industry but also more leads and customers are interested in your content.

Twitter has slowly become the fastest growing network because it is fast moving and so simple to use. So if you are looking to grow your Twi […]

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What is SEO for voice search?

The way people are asking information on the internet is changing. We are using our phone most of the time to keep us informed instead of sitting at the desk. We are always looking for something while we are at the restaurant, commuting to work on public transport or even handsfree in the car trying to find the right directions.

As technology is becoming more convenient search users a […]

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